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Providing Training Assessments in St. Louis, Belleville, IL area and Scott AFB

Instructional design begins before training even starts. We can assess your employees for knowledge and skills gaps before we even recommend a training solution. Assessments can be given in either an online or paper format, or by observing the participants in their work settings before training even begins. We can also provide post-assessments after the training is complete. 

Office Productivity Training, LLC in Belleville IL area serves organizations in the St. Louis metro area.

Technical Writing Services

Training isn't the only way to help your staff develop new skills and understand new job processes. Our staff has over 20 years experience in developing user manuals and job aids. Let us help you develop the materials you need to document and explain new job processes and procedures.  

Development Services Include:

  • User Manuals for Software Applications
  • Job Aids and Instruction Cards 
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Training Handouts 

Training Videos

Need a quick way to train new staff or present information? Let us create a training video for you. OPT can help you create a script and develop a video based on an existing presentation or by capturing your training process on film.    

Once we have the script and content, our video developer will:  

  1. Create any needed slides.
  2. Record video and voice over
  3. Add visual effects for maximum message impact.
  4. If requested, add quizzes and report how well employees understand and retain the training.
  5. Deliver the final training video on a DVD, flash drive or in the cloud.

Followup Training and Assessments

We can schedule short followup visits after the training is complete. During these visits one of our partners can provide an onsite assessment of how well the training was retained. This could include:

  • One on one training visits
  • Short meetings with all the participants
  • Providing reference materials or videos that reinforce training topics


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